The Story of a Bronze Idol:


The Statue of Princess Maria Teimriqwe Yidar in Nalchik,


Symbol of Kabarda’s Subservience to Russia


Amjad Jaimoukha



The Russians have been writing Kabardian (and Circassian) history according to their colonial prescriptions for more than a century, ever since they occupied Circassia in the middle years of the 19th century. Simplistic and oftentimes ridiculous accounts of this history were produced in the course of this time. Until this day, these historiographies, with added clauses to reduce the level of inanity and circumvent the rampant contradictions, constitute the official historical narrative in the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic (and with slight variations in the other ‘Circassian’ republics, namely the Karachai-Cherkess Republic and the Republic of Adigea). 


For one, the Kabardians were deemed to have opted to join Russia in the 16th century (much more on this ‘Union’ in the course of this article). In 1957, big celebrations were held in Kabarda commemorating the 400th anniversary of the ‘joyful’ event that saved the Kabardians from perdition. A statue was erected as a symbol of the fictitious union of Kabarda with Russia in downtown Nalchik. The Circassian maiden with an uplifted scroll is exquisite Gwascheney (or Gwaschene; Гуащэней, е Гуащэнэ), daughter of Temryuk Idar (Teimriqwe Yidar; Идар и къуэ Темрыкъуэ), who was betrothed to Ivan IV (1530-1584) on 21 August 1561 AD, to cement the treaty between Temryuk, Prince of Princes of Kabarda, and Ivan the Terrible, ‘Tsar of All Russia’. Tsarina Maria Temryukovna (Мария Темрюковна; 1544-1569), as was Gwascheney baptised upon marriage, was married to Ivan for eight years until her early death at the age of 25 on 1 September 1569.



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Audio files of the songs featured in the account are presented here. Information about the pieces are available in the audio files themselves.

  1. ‘The Dawn Wij (НЭХУЩ УДЖ; Nexwsch Wij), Zawir Tut (Тут Заур).
  2. ‘The Ballad of the Bakhchisaray Campaign’ («БАХЪШЫСЭРЕЙ ЗЕКIУЭМ И УЭРЭД»; ‘Bax’shiserey Zeik’wem yi Wered’), Ziramikw Qardenghwsch’ (КъардэнгъущI Зырамыку).
  3.  ‘Andeimirqan’ («АНДЕМЫРКЪАН И УЭРЭД»; ‘Andeimirqan yi Wered’), Vladimir Bereghwn (Бэрэгъун Владимир).
  4. ‘The Song of Andeimirqan’ («АНДЕМЫРКЪАН И УЭРЭД»; ‘Andeimirqan yi Wered’), Vladimir Bereghwn (Бэрэгъун Владимир).
  5. ‘The Song of the Qereqeschqetaw Battle’ (I)  («КЪЭРЭКЪЭЩКЪЭТАУ ЗАУЭМ И УЭРЭД»; ‘Qereqeschqetaw Zawem yi Wered’),  Amirx’an As-hed Hex’wpasch’e (Асхьэд ХьэхъупащIэ и къуэ Амырхъан).
  6. ‘The Song of the Qereqeschqetaw Battle’ (II) («КЪЭРЭКЪЭЩКЪЭТАУ ЗАУЭМ И УЭРЭД»; ‘Qereqeschqetaw Zawem yi Wered’),  Ziramikw Qardenghwsch’ (КъардэнгъущI Зырамыку).  
  7. ‘The Song of Prince Scholex’w’ («ЩОЛЭХЪУПЩ И УЭРЭД»; ‘Scholex’wpsch yi Wered’), Ziramikw Qardenghwsch’ (КъардэнгъущI Зырамыку).
  8. ‘The Ballad of the Qwlhqwzhin Battle’ («КЪУЛЪКЪУЖЫН ЗАУЭМ И УЭРЭД»; ‘Qwlhqwzhin Zawem yi Wered’), Ziramikw Qardenghwsch’ (КъардэнгъущI Зырамыку).
  9. ‘The Song of Prince Sanjalay’ (I) («СЭНДЖЭЛЕЙ И УЭРЭД»; ‘Senjeley yi Wered’), Vladimir Bereghwn.
  10. ‘The Song of Prince Sanjalay’ (II) («СЭНДЖЭЛЕЙ И УЭРЭД»; ‘Senjeley yi Wered’), Ziramikw Qardenghwsch’ (КъардэнгъущI Зырамыку).
  11. ‘The Song of the Kabardian Night Assault’ КЪЭБЭРДЕЙ ЖЭЩТЕУЭМ И УЭРЭД»; ‘Qeberdey Zheschteiwem yi Wered’), Vladimir Bereghwn (Бэрэгъун Владимир).
  12. ‘The Song of Wezi Murat’ УЭЗЫ МУРАТ И УЭРЭД»; ‘Wezi Murat yi Wered’), Zhiraslhen Ghwch’el’ (ГъукIэлI Жыраслъэн).


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5BalladQereqeschqetawBattle1.mp3 5BalladQereqeschqetawBattle1.mp3
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