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Circassian Culture & Folklore

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This site is mainly concerned with the dissemination of Circassian culture and Circassian folklore. There will be an attempt to increase the Circassian language content on the Internet, which is almost non-existent, mainly due to the woeful neglect of the Circassian institutions in the Caucasus (and elsewhere), which, with very few exceptions, systematically fail to put out information in the Circassian language. The usage and status of the Circassian language shall be monitored on this page.


The projects 'Publish Circassian Culture' and 'Circassian Cultural Icons' shall be launched from this platform (already monuments to Vladimir Bereghwn, Ziramikw Qardenghwsch', Hex'wpasch'e family of bards, Hezhdal Qwnizch, and Natalia Ghestashe, are up). In brief, the first is concerned with making available in cyber space all aspects of Circassian culture and folklore (that could be converted into manageable formats). This will include making available online seminal books on Circassian culture and folklore in Circassian. The second aims to feature the great personages that preserved and developed Circassian culture and folklore in the last four centuries.     


Last updated: 23 March 2009

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