Circassian Proverbs and Sayings

 By Amjad M. Jaimoukha; Amman: Sanjalay Book Press, 2009.


There are more than 6,000 proverbs and sayings in the Circassian language, by some accounts much, much more. The book contains about 3,000 proverbs and sayings sorted into a number of categories. The basic orthography is official Cyrillic, but in many cases Latin orthography is also included. Equivalents and meanings in English are provided. The book is available online and can be downloaded for free.


Folklorists and culturalists can obtain interesting materials from the book for research. Teachers of Circassian will find this book useful, as it combines two languages. It is suggested that this book be made part of Circassian language teaching curricula in both Circassia and the diaspora. 





Сэнджэлей тхылъ тедзапIэ, Амман къалэ, 2009. Тхылъ зыгъэхьэзырар Жэмыхъуэ Амджэдщ (Амыщщ).


Ди адыгэ псалъэжьхэри псалъафэхэри дахэщ, шэрыуэщ, гъуэзэджэщ. Ахэр бжыгъэкIэ мин зыбжанэ щIогъу. Адыгэ щIэныгъэлIхэмрэ фольклористхэмрэ адыгэ псалъэжьхэмрэ псалъафэхэмрэ я нэхъыбапIэр зэхуэхьэсащ, псалъэм папщIэ КъардэнгъущI Зырамыку и тхылъым «АДЫГЭ ПСАЛЪЭЖЬХЭР» (Налшык, «Эльбрус» тхылъ тедзапIэ, 1982). Тхылъым псалъэжьу псалъафэу минищ итщ. Псалъэжьхэмрэ псалъафэхэмрэ я мыхьэнэ къикIхэр инджылызыбзэмкIэ зедзэкIауэ итщ. Абы щхьэкIэ, мы тхылъыр къахуэщхьэпэну адыгэбзэмкIэрэ инджылызыбзэмкIэрэ зеджэф псоми. Тхылъ псом пщIэншэу онлайну уеджэ хъунущ.


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Other online books on Circassian proverbs and sayings:


Кэстэнэ, Д. (D. Kestene) (ed.), АДЫГЭ ГУЩЫIЭЖЪХЭР. Adige Gwshi’ezchxer [Circassian Proverbs and Sayings], Maikop: Adigean Branch of the Krasnodar Book Printing House, 1978.

[Courtesy of Circassian Online Library]
Adigean Proverbs and Sayings.djvu Adigean Proverbs and Sayings.djvu
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Блягоз, З. У., (Z. U. Blyagoz), ЖЕМЧУЖИНЫ НАРОДНОЙ МУДРОСТИ. Zhemchuzhini narodnoi mudrosti [The Pearls of National Wisdom], Maikop: Adigean Book Publishing House, 1992.

[Courtesy of Circassian Online Library]
Pearls of Wisdom.djvu Pearls of Wisdom.djvu
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