Circassian Books


In this section we shall include a number of seminal books on Circassian culture and folklore (mainly in Circassian, English, French, and German) in both DjVu (download DjVu software for free from the web to be able to browse the books) and pdf formats. This project will be an on-going concern. The ideal aim is to include all the books on the subject, but obviously this is a a hard challenge, and only a few dozen books would realistically be expected to be made available.



This section is a companion to the book Circassian Bibliography, which is available on this website. It is also a partner of the websites 'Circassian Online Library', and 'Elbrus Book Publishing House'

Maf’edz (Mafedzev), S. (Kh.), АДЫГЭ ХАБЗЭ. Adige Xabze [Circassian Customs and Traditions], Nalchik: El’-Fa, 1994. [In Kabardian]

Adiga Xabza.djvu Adiga Xabza.djvu
Size : 9066 Kb
Type : djvu

Sherjes (Шэрджэс), A. and Heqwn (Хьэкъун), M., АДЫГЭХЭМРЭ АХЭМ Я ХАБЗЭХЭМРЭ. Adigexemre Axem ya Xabzexemre [The Circassians and Their Customs and Traditions], Maikop: RIPO, 2000. [Sponsored by the International Circassian Association]

The book The Circassians and Their Customs and Traditions is presented in DjVu format as the first work in this series of Circassian publications. There is a choice of two files of varying size.

Adigexemre Axem ya Xabzexemre.djvu Adigexemre Axem ya Xabzexemre.djvu
Size : 14411 Kb
Type : djvu
300 dpi file.djvu 300 dpi file.djvu
Size : 8000 Kb
Type : djvu

Qermoqwe (Къэрмокъуэ), H.,
НАРТХЭР: ПАСЭРЕЙ ЛIЫХЪУЖЬХЭМ Я ХЪЫБАР. Nartxer: Paserey L’ix’wzchxem ya X’ibarxer [The Narts: Tales of the Heroes of Yore], Nalchik: Elbrus Book Press, 2001. [ЩIалэгъуалэм папщIэ зытхыжар: Къэрмокъуэ Хьэмидщ]

This is a very fine book that all readers of Circassian should include in their libraries. There are useful notes and explanations that broaden the perspective offered by the (mere) tales.
Nartxer.djvu Nartxer.djvu
Size : 4336 Kb
Type : djvu

(Хьэкъун), B. Yu., АДЫГЭ КЪЭКIЫГЪЭЦIЭХЭР. Adige qech’ighets’exer [Dictionary of Circassian Flora], Cherkessk, 1975; second edition: Nalchik: Elbrus Book Press, 1992.

The online version is the second and enlarged edition. There are some 1,500 plants and trees included in this work.
Adige Qech'ighets'exer.djvu Adige Qech'ighets'exer.djvu
Size : 3137 Kb
Type : djvu



Circassian Humour 



On this page, the different aspects of Circassian humour shall be featured.

The following book (in Circassian and Russian) is about the earthly humour and antics of Sulht'an Zhemix'we (Jaimoukha). Sulht'an was born in the village of Zeyiqwe (Зеикъуэ; ancient name: Het'ox'wschiqwey, ХьэтIохъущыкъуей) in the Bakhsan District of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic in 1927. He married from the 'Epsche (Iэпщэ) clan and had three children: a son and two daughters. Although he found an early death in 1984, he has left a rich legacy of good humour and humaneness, which shall remain for many generations. 


Jedghef, A., ЖЭМЫХЪУЭ СУЛЪТIАН И ГУШЫIЭХЭР. Zhemix’we Sulht’an yi Gwshi’exer. Yumoristika Sultana Zhemukhova [The Humouristics of Sulht’an Zhemix’we (Jaimoukha)], Nalchik: Poligrafservis i T, 2004. [The book is in both Kabardian (Circassian) and Russian]

Humouristics of Sulht'an Zhemix'we.pdf Humouristics of Sulht'an Zhemix'we.pdf
Size : 7403 Kb
Type : pdf
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