Circassian Music & Musicology



The Story of a Song: ‘My Pug-Nosed One!’


Адыгэ уэрэд хьэлэмэт: «СИ ПАКЪ!»



Three versions of the song shall be presented, together with audio files of performances by various artists. A booklet is also provided for further details.

SiyPaq.pdf SiyPaq.pdf
Size : 486 Kb
Type : pdf
SiyPaqYislhamiy.mp3 SiyPaqYislhamiy.mp3
Size : 5654 Kb
Type : mp3
SiyPaqBereghwn.mp3 SiyPaqBereghwn.mp3
Size : 2818 Kb
Type : mp3
SiyPaqOshten.mp3 SiyPaqOshten.mp3
Size : 2888 Kb
Type : mp3
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