Kabardian-English Dictionary


being a literary lexicon of East Circassian

This dictionary is mainly based on


Kardanov (Qarden), B. M. (ed.), Kabardinsko-russki slovar’ [Kabardian-Russian Dictionary], Kabardino-Balkarian Science and Research Institute, Moscow: State Press of Foreign and National Dictionaries, 1957. Online. Available HTTP: <http://www.circassianlibrary.org/library.php?lang=en&mn=1&sbmn=1> (accessed 11 February 2009).


and secondly on the following works:


§       Kardanov (Qarden), B. M., Kabardinsko-russki frazeologicheski slovar [Kabardian-Russian Phraseological Dictionary], Nalchik, 1968.


§       Heqwn, B. Yu., Adige qech’ighets’exer [Dictionary of Circassian Flora], Cherkessk, 1975; second edition: Nalchik: Elbrus Book Press, 1992.


§       Wiris, H. Sch. and Zex’wex’w, L. H., Adigebze Orfograficheske Psalhalhe [Kabardino-Cherkess Orthographical Dictionary], Nalchik: Elbrus Book Press, 1982.


§       Emouzov, A. G., English-Kabardian-Russian Phrase[ological] Dictionary, Nalchik: The Kabardino-Balkarian Institute for Raising the Level of the Academic Proficiency of the Spiritual Legacy of the Orient, 1992 (second edition).



Many other sources were used to augment and enrich Qarden’s seminal work, and many amendments were introduced to take account of special circumstances under which the initial word-book was published, not the least of which was the dominant presence of communist ideology and propaganda, which unfortunately distorted many aspects of Circassian history, culture and folklore. many of the soviet era terms were assigned to obsoleteness and banished cultural and folkloric terms were restored.

The dictionary has about 22,000 entries arranged alphabetically in accordance with the Kabardian literary convention. The number of pages is 574, A4 size.

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