The Status of the Circassian Language and Culture in Circassia


Running the Gamut


A Cyber Odyssey Across the Expanse of Circassian Culture and Language


This is a journey of discovery aiming to comprehend the span of Circassian culture and folklore across the Caucasus and uncover the cyber manifestations of Circassian language in the public cyber space, and later into other parts of the Earth where Circassians have made a home. To set the standard as high as possible (or impossibly high?), and to add spice to the cargo and lay the challenge on the hapless captain, some extraordinary (inane?) claims shall be made at the outset of the journey concerning Circassian culture and language, namely that they are at least as rich as their other fellow Caucasian cultures in the Transcaucasus, and that in their current cyber manifestations they are just pale imitations of both their rich present and glorious past. At the end of this virtual reality tour, these claims shall be looked into and the present state of cyber manifestations of Circassian language and culture shall be assessed based on the findings... Read more in the attached Microsoft Word document.

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