Circassian Music & Musicology


Бэрэгъун, В. Хь. (V. H. Bereghwn; Baragunov), and КъардэнгъущI, З. ПI. (Z. P’. Qardenghwsch’; Kardangushev), (compilers), АДЫГЭ УЭРЭДХЭМРЭ ПШЫНАЛЪЭХЭМРЭ, ЯПЭРЕЙ ТХЫЛЪ. Adige Weredxemre Pshinalhexemre, Yaperey Txilh. Narodnie pesni i instrumental’nie naigrishi adigov, tom 1 [Circassian Songs and Instrumental Folk-Tunes, Vol. 1], Moscow: All-Union Book Publishing House ‘Soviet Composer’, 1980, p193. Online. Available HTTP: <> (accessed 16 January 2009).


Edited by E. V. Gippius, this, and the other volumes in the series, are seminal works on Circassian musical lore. Some of the collected songs and chants are very ancient indeed. It is hoped that the other volumes in the series be made available online. The work of the team is very commendable in this regard, and, for what it is worth, this is a note of appreciation of their invaluable work.

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Circassian bards from Kabarda.

As-hed Schojen (pshinediqwaqwe; harp) and Mamiy Qaziy (shich'epshine; Circassian violin).

Къэбэрдейм щыщ адыгэ джэгуакIуэхэу Щоджэн Асхьэдрэ (пшынэдыкъуакъуэ) Къазий Мамийрэ (шыкIэпшынэ).

[Asker Hedeghel’e (compiler and editor), НАРТХЭР: АДЫГЭ ЭПОС. Nartxer: Adige Èpos. Narti: Adigski èpos [The Narts: Circassian Epos], Maikop: The Adigean Science and Research Institute, 1968-71 (7 vols); vol. 4, 1970, p291]

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