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Circassian Rocks!

The Ancient and Modern



In this (hopefully fun) collection ‘Circassian Rocks!: The Ancient and Modern’, a number of Circassian ‘rock’ songs and dance pieces are offered. Most of the selected pieces are ancient songs and chants presented in both their modern manifestations and in more traditional coverings of the classics – a meshing of the old and new. Although a couple of the offerings may not, strictly speaking, be categorized as ‘rock’ pieces, they still can rock any concert hall, the Circassian way! It is quite touching how some members of the new generation of talented Circassian minstrels are keeping the old traditions alive through giving them modern formats to appeal to the youth in Circassia and the diaspora.


This is the first album of a series of collections that will showcase the different aspects of the Circassian Rock ‘n’ Roll scene in Circassia and across the world. The pieces on the album were selected by Amjad Jaimoukha, taking into consideration people of different ages and tastes. The accompanying booklet contains information on the pieces and performers and the words of the songs, in a couple of cases. 



This is a musical celebration of Circassian culture and folklore. Enjoy!



List of songs and dance pieces:



1.        Hymn to St. George/‘Si uarad’     (ДАУЩДЖЭРДЖИЙ И УЭРЭД; Dawischjerjiy yi Wered)     [Noba Rey/Ziramikw Qardenghwsch’]


2.     My Pug-Nosed One!     (СИ ПАКЪ!; Siy Paq!)     [Oshten Variety Ensemble/Vladimir Bereghwn]


3.         Adiyukh     (IЭДИИХУ; ’Ediyixw)     [Noba Rey/Adigean State Folk Song Ensemble ‘Yislhamiy’]


4.        The Hop-Flit     (ЗЫГЪЭЛЪЭТ/ЗЫГЪЭЛЪАТХЭР; Zighelhet/Zighelhatxer)     [Oshten Variety Ensemble/Bzchamiy]


5.        Love Song     (ЛЪАГЪУНЫГЪЭ УЭРЭД; Lhaghwnighe Wered)     [Tamara Nexay]


6.      Qazbek Round Dance     (КЪАЗБЕК УДЖ; Qazbek Wij)     [Oshten Variety Ensemble/Adigean State Folk Song Ensemble ‘Yislhamiy’]


7.       The Plaintive Song of Nartigw     (НАРТЫГУ И ТХЬЭУСЫХЭ; Nartigw yi Thewsixe)     [Noba Rey/Ziramikw Qardenghwsch’]

8.       Piece no. 9 – ‘Pieces for Symphony Orchestra and National Accordion on Themes of the Music of the Peoples of the Caucasus’, composed by Boris Teimirqan (Темыркъан Борис; Temirkanov).



This collection was prepared in good faith. If any person or party deems that there are contraventions of the applicable copyright laws, negotiations to resolve the legal issues shall be undertaken to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.

Circassian Rocks.pdf Circassian Rocks.pdf
Size : 664 Kb
Type : pdf
1HymnToStGeorge1.mp3 1HymnToStGeorge1.mp3
Size : 2887 Kb
Type : mp3
2SiyPaq1.mp3 2SiyPaq1.mp3
Size : 2888 Kb
Type : mp3
3Adiyukh1.mp3 3Adiyukh1.mp3
Size : 4071 Kb
Type : mp3
4TheHopFlit1.mp3 4TheHopFlit1.mp3
Size : 3551 Kb
Type : mp3
5LoveSong.mp3 5LoveSong.mp3
Size : 4843 Kb
Type : mp3
6QazbekRoundDance1.mp3 6QazbekRoundDance1.mp3
Size : 4036 Kb
Type : mp3
7PlaintiveSongOfNartigw1.mp3 7PlaintiveSongOfNartigw1.mp3
Size : 5490 Kb
Type : mp3
8OrchestraAndAccordion9.Mp3 8OrchestraAndAccordion9.Mp3
Size : 5498 Kb
Type : Mp3


The following songs are the traditional versions of the 'Rock' pieces.


HymnToStGeorge2.wma HymnToStGeorge2.wma
Size : 5725 Kb
Type : wma
SiyPaq2.mp3 SiyPaq2.mp3
Size : 2818 Kb
Type : mp3
OhMyAdiyif2.mp3 OhMyAdiyif2.mp3
Size : 3187 Kb
Type : mp3
TheHopFlit2.mp3 TheHopFlit2.mp3
Size : 2297 Kb
Type : mp3
QazbekRoundDance2.mp3 QazbekRoundDance2.mp3
Size : 3679 Kb
Type : mp3
PlaintiveSongOfNartigw2.wma PlaintiveSongOfNartigw2.wma
Size : 7061 Kb
Type : wma
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