Forthcoming book


Circassian Culture and Folklore:

Hospitality Traditions, Cuisine, Festivals & Music (Kabardian, Cherkess, Adigean, Shapsugh & Diaspora)


Amjad Jaimoukha


To be published by Bennett and Bloom in the summer of 2009 in paperback and hardcover. Available for pre-order from

It will feature a CD 'The Art of the Circassian Minstrels' with some 200 musical pieces (songs and melodies) divided into genres (Pantheonic, Nart epic, heroic/historical, elegiac, laments, plaintive, agrarian and pastoral, nuptial, comic, etc), which would be of particular interest to musicologists and connoisseurs of exotic music. The book will be more than 500 pages.

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