Circassian Music & Musicology


The Hex'wpasch'e Family Bards:

Five Generations of Exquisite Musicians



The work of five generations of the Hex'wpasch'e family, spanning five centuries, is known to us, starting from the 19th century patriarch As-hed to the 21st century minstrel Amirx'an (Jr.).


As-hed Hex'wpasch'e from the village of Qex'wn in Kabarda was one of the most famous bards of the early part of the 20th century. He was also an accomplished story-teller.

Read more in the attached Microsoft Word document 'Hex'wpasch'e Bards'. 

Hex'wpasch'e Bards.doc Hex'wpasch'e Bards.doc
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Songs of the Hex'wpasch'e Bards

(full details in the attached file).

HymnToStGeorge.mp3 HymnToStGeorge.mp3
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5BalladQereqeschqetawBattle1.mp3 5BalladQereqeschqetawBattle1.mp3
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Look, our forefathers!Mamlyuki.mp3 Look, our forefathers!Mamlyuki.mp3
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A bibliography of books penned by Hex'wpasch'e writers is available in the file.



Available in the file.

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